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Ceramos is a bulk material that will not wear, but it is very lightweight and durable. Ceramos has the advantage of being scratch resistant. It is also very light and durable. Ceramos is impervious to scratches and oxidization. PVD can also wear off but Ceramos will not change. It's designed to last a lifetime.

Ceramic can carry color, so thewatches are available in a variety of colors,Rolex Day Date Replica including black, white and blue. Rolex Day-Date Replica was also the first to use plasma carburizing, which gives high-tech ceramic an unique metallic shine. Rolex Day-Date Replica created Ceramos to make it possible to create other colors, such as rose gold and steel metallic colors.

However, it takes time to develop the technology and techniques necessary for Ceramos. Rolex Day-Date Replica, as theMaster of Materials is uniquely positioned to invest the man-hours and time required for such developments. Rolex Day-Date Replica spent almost ten years perfecting rose-gold colored Ceramos. He worked step-by-step to solve problems. Rolex Day-Date Replica's focus and long-term approach is evident in the beautiful result and its extreme durability.

How Ceramos is Made

It takes great effort to create a high-tech material such as Ceramos. However, the next steps are different due to the composite nature of Ceramos.

Sintering: Ceramos is formed in a multi-step process in a high-tech pressure oven. The sintering process is when Ceramos' metallic component becomes liquid and re-alloys with ceramic to form a metal matrix. Color can be affected by temperature, pressure, and composition. Any deviation could result in a change of color.Ulysse Nardin Replica Watches The Ceramos pieces are made oftheoven matte.

Refining is a process that removes larger imperfections in the material. It takes five to ten time longer than high-tech ceramic. Special tools were also needed to deal with the extremely hardness and toughness ofCeramos.

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