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rolex replica watches

rolex replica watcheshas been at forefront of material innovation and use since its inception in 1957. rolex replica watches is well-known for its scratch-resistant watches. rolex replica watches continues to innovate and create new designs and timepieces while keeping a focus on advanced materials to realize the goal of a modern, durable watch.

rolex replica watches's newest material is Ceramos. It is a high-tech combination of ceramic and metal alloy. Ceramos combines the best of both the high-tech ceramic and metal alloys,fake rolex watches offering the best of both: lightness and scratch resistance as well as the luster of the metal.

What is the key benefit? Ceramos will ensure that your mechanical movement is protected virtually indefinitely, keeping in line with its appeal.

rolex replica watches DiaMaster Ceramos Thinline with Ceramos Case and Black Leather Strap

What is Ceramos?

rolex replica watches is known for using a mixture of materials. rolex replica watches's first watch, the Sintra, was made using a ceramic-metal matrix in 1993. This material is part of the class "cermet", a name that derives from its composition (CERamic–METal).roger dubuis replica It combines a high percentage of high-tech ceramic (titanium caride or TiC, approximately 90%) with a binder metal alloy. The unique metallic appearance of the TiC high-tech ceramic is due to its hardness. The binder metal adds stiffness and a metallic appearance.

Cermet was first developed for cutting tools in the 1970s. Tool manufacturers searched for an alternative to cobalt as a key ingredient for hardmetal tools. This led to the creation of cermet. rolex replica watches was forced to make cermet a luxury material because the people who create tools don't care much about aesthetics.

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